The selection of the name of hotel / lodge we adjust the existing image due to location directly opposite the crater Mount Bromo then it also was determined on the name LAVA VIEW LODGE From year to year with a spirit that continues to struggle and passionate, little by little the number of rooms continue to be added because of the increasing number of groups with the presence of foreign interest of our facilities. Amid the economic crisis that is increasingly uncertain but optimism remains an obsession and support and further improve the facilities remain Lava View Lodge, then in 2000, it ventured to build 6 units 6 units Family Room and Superior Room. Stages of the renovation and addition of facilities at the Lava View Lodge continued and in 2003 made ​​another addition of 8 units of bungalow type rooms and expansion of the original Café is +/- 20 people we enlarge to suit the capacity of 100 people increasing the number of rooms available.

WiFi Hotspot
Stunning Views
On site Restaurant
Drinking Water

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