Sumba is one of the poorer countries in Indonesia and due to lower tourist numbers they have kept a lot of traditions. There are small groups with their own customs, own social structures and unique ceremonies for birth, marriage and death. The local religious is Marapu, they believe in a balanced life with happiness and energy. The balance is symbolized by "Ina Mawolo" (mother of being) and "Ama Marawi" (father of creation). Ina Mawolo and Ama Marawi live in the universe, in the shapes of moon and sun. The spiritual world is very important and the tall chimneys on houses allow ancestors to visit freely.  Festivals and celebrations are very important to locals and occur throughout the year. In the countryside many locals still wear traditional outfits.
Horses and Buffalo are important in the agriculture industry which supports Sumba. Vegetables are farmed as well as salt and seaweed. Visiting local villages is an amazing way to immerse yourself in local culture.



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