Sumatra is often over shadowed by neighboring islands such as Bali, Borneo and Java. There is however so much to offer, this is a dream destination for any tourist. Sumatra is a large island and is best seen as a tour, so that you can take in everything on offer. One of the best things about Sumatra is the diversity of the experiences available.  Trekking opportunities include, lakes, waterfalls, national parks, rivers and volcanoes, so whatever you are interested in there is something for you. If wildlife is something you are interested in you are in for a treat! There is a diverse mix of stunning wildlife including some incredibly rare species such as the Sumatran rhino and Sumatran tiger. The national parks are rich with a mix of  plant life, including the beautiful Rafflesia arnoldii the largest flower in the world. If you prefer life by the coast there are some stunning beaches, and excellent reefs for diving and snorkeling. Sumatra is also home to the best surfing in Indonesia, so if you like to catch a wave or want to give it a try then Sumatra is a must. The islands to west offer incredible surf and dream beaches to relax on. No matter what type of holiday you are interested in Sumatra has it all. 





Airport: Kualanamu International Airport (Medan)

Local Language: Indonesian and Malay

Fun Fact: Sumatra is home to the world’s largest flower—the Rafflesia arnoldii. It can grow up to 3 ft  wide. This rare flower is parasitic and attaches itself to a host to gain water and nutrients. It also gets called the corpse flower due to the rotting smell it gives off when in flower.

Sumatra is an excellent all round holiday destination, it is especially great for those that like an adventure. Trekking is excellent in Sumatra and there is a diverse mix of wildlife for everyone to enjoy, including some very rare species. The diving, snorkeling and surfing are also excellent.

Tabot Festival
This festival celebrates the Islamic New Year in Bengkulu, in the south west of Sumatra. The locals celebrate with large colourful floats made out of bamboo and paper. The parade is surrounded by traditional music instruments and drums, called Dol drums. Over the years the festival has developed more activities such as games and sporting events. There are also horse drawn carriage parades, dance performances and art.

Rakik Rakik
Rakik Rakik is celebrated the night before the end of ramadan. A platform is built with a replica of a Minangkabau house and mosque. This is then placed on canoes and floated into the Danau Maninjau with fireworks and festivities.

Bukittinggi Horse Racing - March
This is an annual event in Bukittinggi, west Sumatra.  Local riders dress in traditional costumes, the riders aim to win points and money for their villages.

Lake Toba Festival
This festival is held by the Batak people every year. It celebrates the lake, with a parade of colourful floats, traditional dances, kayak racing, dragon boat competitions and so much more. A great event for all the family with lots to see and do.

The average temperature is 27-28 °C. The Monsoon season is between November and March, this is not good hiking weather and roads can get pot holes. Its best to visit between May and October. July is the hottest month at 34 °C, so is best avoided. In Autumn the fruit appears on the trees, so the Orangutan stay deep in the jungle and do not visit the feeding stations as much. Surfing is good all year round. Diving is good all year round although currents pick up between December and February. Water temperature remains at 29 °C all year round.

Month Jan Feb March April May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max °C 31 32 32 31 31 31 31 30 30 30 30 31
Min °C 23 23 23 24 24 23 23 23 23 23 23 23
Rain mm 90 90 130 220 200 190 200 245 360 380 240 120

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