Lombok snorkeling and diving is excellent, with something for everyone. You don't have to go far when snorkeling to see an abundance of marine life. Those who are scared of snorkeling or worried about swimming you can easily put on a mask stand in the shallows and dip your face in the water and still see so much! For keen snorkelers who want to head out and explore there are turtles, eels, rays and so many bright and beautiful fish. The diving is also excellent with a lot of choice. If you want to see bigger pelagic species you need to be confident in currents and choppy water, but it is really worth it for the hammerheads and rays. The local reefs are much calmer and more relaxing to dive, offering turtles on nearly every dive and more fish than you can imagine. The macro diving is also great with a good selection of nudibrach, seahorses, eels and octopus. You can also see sea snakes and reef sharks. If you love marine life then Lombok is not to be missed as a snorkeling/diving destination.



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