Bali is full of adventure and an ideal destination for solo travelers, families and couples. Bali has a wide variety of sightseeing from temples, waterfalls, beaches and culture. The Balinese people are friendly and charismatic, they are happy to share their culture and traditions with others. Bali has so much to offer that anyone can enjoy their dream holiday here. The temples of Bali are unique and simply breathtaking and can be enjoyed by all levels of disability. For more information on Bali and to book your trip get in touch. 





Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport

Local Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Fun Fact: Nyepi day is Bali day of silence. This unique festival is only celebrated on Bali. The whole island is shut down, no travel, no lights or technology and the whole island fast for 24 hours.

If you enjoy being outdoors Bali is perfect for you as it has so much to offer. Enjoy surfing, snorkeling, diving, hiking, temples and so much more. If you want to relax you can enjoy the beaches and amazing Balinese massage and spa experience all with a fantastic view.  Hotels range from surfing hostels to luxury resorts. So Bali really does have something for everyone!

Nyepi Day
Nyepi, the Balinese New Year, is an unusual New Year Celebration. It falls on the dark moon of the spring equinox, in March. Instead of celebrating the New Year with fireworks and noisemakers, the deeply devout Balinese celebrate Nyepi in silence.
As the sun sets on the day before Nyepi, Balinese converge on the main crossroad of their respective villages in a raucous celebration known as Pengerupukan, where villagers in Bali carry ogoh-ogoh (monsters) symbolizing evil spirits that burden people's lives.
On the day of Nyepi itself, the Balinese stop all their activities, turn off all lights, refrain from entertainment, and fast the whole day. The silence of Nyepi is supposed to fool evil spirits, who will think the island is uninhabited and leave Bali in peace.
During Nyepi, tourists are requested to stay in their hotels for the whole day. Activity only picks up on the day after Nyepi, the day known as Ngembak Geni, as Balinese meet up to seek forgiveness from each other.

Galungan Festival
This is a very important festival to the Balinese and lasts for 10 days. The time of year changes every year as it is celebrated every 210 days based on the Hindu Saki calendar. It symbolizes the victory of dharma (virtue) over evil. It is believed that during these 10 days the spirits of gods and ancestors can visit. Various celebrations and offerings are made to welcome them. Each house has a penjor which is a large bamboo with an offering of fruit and flowers balanced on the top and are decorated with intricate patterns.
During Galungan a ceremony known as Ngelawang is preformed by Barong a mythical beast which travels through the village and into houses to ward off evil spirits.
Kuningan is the last day of the festival and marks the appearance of the god Sang Hyang Widi to bless all the people in the village, this also marks the return of ancestors to their realm.
The 10 days of this festival are full of colour and amazing feasts, it is a great opportunity to get an appreciation for the Balinese culture.

Saraswati Day
Saraswati Day is celebrated every 210 days, so is at different times each year. This is a celebration of knowledge. Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the deity of wisdom, art and music and today offerings are made to her in the form of books and texts. Bright clothes are worn by all.

The temperature in Bali stays at around 28°C (but can range from 21 °C and 33 °C) all year round. The best time to visit depends on what you would like to do during your visit.

The highest rainfall comes in January and February so if you are interested in hiking and volcanoes this is not the best time to visit, as certain areas close as they are inaccessible. In the wet season it doesn't rain all the time, it is just has heavy showers. So if you are not planning on hiking this is still a great time to visit, there is always somewhere to step into while the shower passes.

If you want to surf in Bali the best swells are between November and March. Diving is best May to September, but again it depends on what you would like to see. The water temperature remains about 29°C  all year round. If you want to see manta ray then April and May are the months to go. December to March is the wettest season which brings a lot of muddy river water into the ocean reducing visibility so it is best to avoid this period.

May to October is the dry season, this is the best time to visit for hiking, cycling and sunbathing. Bali in July and August is peak season, everything is very busy and very expensive.

The shoulder months of May and October are great as it is not as humid, still nice and warm and it is less busy. This being said a lot of the festivals are held in the summer months when the islands are the busiest.

Month Jan Feb March April May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max °C 33 33 33 34 33 31 30 29 31 33 32 33
Min °C 24 24 24 24 24 23 23 22 22 23 23 23
Rain mm 345 274 234 88 53 55 55 25 47 63 179 276

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