Clinging to the Aravalli hillside, Devigarh emerges out of the desert valley imperiously: its solid marble exterior as impressive as it is imposing. The interior, however, belies its facade; here a modern, minimalist style fuses seamlessly with traditional Rajasthani, with expert attention to design and detail this hotel is seriously stylish. Utilising every nook, cranny and chamber at their disposal, Devigarh has created bespoke private dining getaways, cosy sitting areas and a tranquil spa. Wonderfully unique bedrooms, fantastic dining and a huge pool to boot, Devigarh is a fine example of the boutique, heritage hotel we love and is our favourite place to stay in Udaipur.

Located 28 km northeast of Udaipur hidden away in the Aravalli Hills, the fort is well placed for day trips around the city of lakes. But guests have the added advantage of exploring the nearby town of Delwara, home to 700 year old Jain temples. Devigarh was once home to the rulers of Delwara between the 18th and 20th centuries. After having fallen into disrepair, its refurbishment has been exceptionally successful and is now one of India's most gorgeous hotels. The views from the rambling fort are magnificent - out over the village and distant, hazy hills. The suites in the verdant garden have lovely verandahs and those in the main palace are all different in shape and size but all are large, light-filled and want for nothing, with either sitting rooms or balconies. The bathrooms are exceptional - the sort you have hitherto only dreamt about - and many have views that tempt you never to get out of the bath! The emphasis throughout is on stylish simplicity with plenty of white marble interspersed with colourful, subtle spots of colour from the stonework and fabrics.

This place is all about comfort, style, personal space and sophistication. The chic romantic dining room and wonderful airy, vibrant, candlelit bar offer superb cuisine based on mouth watering Indian dishes and recipes from all over the world. Much of the veg is sourced from its own, immaculate vegetable garden. The opportunities for intimate, dinners on your own terrace or jerokha are endless and something never to be forgotten. The tranquil and soothing Ila Spa offers excellent pampering massages whilst the glistening infinity pool looks out over the hills and village. With various carefully tailored, wellness programmes, the spa here allows one to get healthy and rested, eating superbly nutritious food, whilst immersed in comfort and history.

Exploring the enchanting surrounding village on foot or by bicycle, taking long walks or horse rides in the hills with a sumptuous picnic, practicing rooftop yoga at sunrise, trying your hand at camel riding, or venturing out to nearby temples, will keep the active busy for days. Impeccable style and taste are the bywords here - you’ll be tempted to stay on for weeks.

RAAS Devigarh truly is a magical, place - the ultimate, impossibly romantic retreat and the perfect base for visiting Udaipur, or simply winding down for a while and indulging in a moment of personal health and wellbeing. The hotel’s impressive corporate-social responsibility program (one of many examples is their sponsoring of 45 school girl’s at Ambalal Siroya Girls School in Delwara) further adds to why we believe Devigarh is such an exceptional travel experience.

Luxury Boutique Renovated 18th Century Fort
Magnificent Views of Aravalli Hills
Sublime Private Dinner Experiences
Gorgeous Swimming Pool
Fabulous Spa
 28 km from Udaipur