Madhya Pradesh has one third of India's forest cover and contains probably its finest game sanctuaries; Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Satpura, Pench, and Panna. These are all reserves of a considerable size with protected areas of 400 to 1000 square Kms and flora dominated by Saal and Teak forest intermixed with grasslands.

Most safari’s are undertaken by jeep where you are accompanied by a local naturalist guide. The normal format is to have morning and afternoon safaris with the morning edition usually starting around 6 am at the park ‘gate’. Be prepared for it to be quite cold on the morning drives. Safari’s in India are very different from those in Africa were you can expect to see herds of grazing mammals and Lions on open grasslands. In India, it is more of a hunt for the elusive tigers. The guide will use his experience of tiger territories (the female tigers territory is about 15 square Kms and much smaller than the males), together with a whole range of deer, monkey and bird alarm calls to locate the tigers. They also look for ‘pug marks’ – tiger footprints in the forest track’s sand. Along the way you are likely to see a wide range of bird species, many types of deer and antelope, as well as sloth bears, mongoose, and giant squirrels. After your morning safari you will be offered a packed breakfast in the forest.




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