Arriving in the southern port town of Barisal in the early morning mist onboard the Rocket Steamer from Dhaka is an unforgettable experience. The riverside is a buzz of activity as cargo is loaded and unloaded from the vessel and market stalls are assembled displaying fresh supplies. It is worth spending some time absorbing the scene before heading off to your hotel. The city of Barisal itself is relatively pleasant and the evening market is interesting to browse. But it is the myriad of lush inland backwaters that make this area such a highlight. These are best explored by traditional country boat with overnights being spent at your hotel in Barisal. This is one of the most authentic, beautiful experiences in Bangladesh. During your cruise, you will visit traditional villages, floating markets and meet some of the unbelievably friendly people. It’s unlikely that you will see any other tourists as this area is still mainly off the main tourist radar, which makes this experience all the more special.